platform plat‧form [ˈplætfɔːm ǁ -fɔːrm] noun [countable]
1. the raised place beside a railway track where you get on and off the train
2. a system used to broadcast television or radio programmes
3. a tall structure built so that people can work around the surrounding area
ˈoil ˌplatform also proˈduction ˌplatform
a platform for producing oil; = OIL RIG:

• Explosions on a Shell production platform further limited North Sea oil output.

4. also computer platform COMPUTING a particular type of computer system or software:

• Pick a secure operating system and computer platform.

* * *

platform UK US /ˈplætfɔːm/ noun [C]
IT a particular computer technology that can be used with some types of software programs but not with others: »

Companies are creating standard platforms to collect and process massive amounts of data.

a computer/technology/software platform »

CIM systems are the technology platform of this organization.

COMMUNICATIONS a method of communication or entertainment, for example television, radio, or the internet: »

We are currently selling advertisements across several different platforms - web, internet phones, and multiple sections of the newspaper.

COMMUNICATIONS a particular technology that is used for broadcasting television or radio programmes: »

The club has now set up its own television channel, aiming to launch a paid-for service on an existing broadcast platform before the year's end.

a set of actions or ideas that forms the basis for future development: a platform for sth »

Every euro spent on marketing and market development will provide a platform for long-term growth and profits.

a strong/solid/sound platform »

The board believes that the group has a strong platform on which to grow.

POLITICS a set of ideas and plans that a politician or party promises to act on if elected: on a platform »

He won a decisive victory on a platform of economic reform.

See also CROSS-PLATFORM(Cf. ↑cross-platform), OIL PLATFORM(Cf. ↑oil platform), TRADING PLATFORM(Cf. ↑trading platform)

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